Monday, September 27, 2010

Understanding CPV - Copper Creek Gold

"VMS deposits tend to occur in districts. Up to two dozen deposits, might be clustered in an area of a few tens, of square kilometres. Known VMS districts are good hunting grounds for new discoveries.

Deposits within a specific district tend to have similar metal ratios and a fairly narrow range in composition. In any given district, deposits will tend to range in size from less than one million tonnes to several tens of millions of tonnes, with most deposits at the small end of the range and only a few large deposits."

This is a massive anomaly, 1km by .5km and up to 400 meters deep, its also along the same fault ridge as the Eskay creek mine was and 6 km away from that mine. There is a very, strong chance that this will have the same gold content as the Eskay creek mine. Which of course we all remember. (if not:


  1. What are your thoughts on CVP currently? They have quite a bit going on in the next couple months...