Monday, April 23, 2012

PPG.V Prosperity Goldfields now officially merged with SSH.V Smash Minerals

Could this mark the start of the merger craze in the junior resource market? Let's face it, there's far too many companies out there fighting for the same dollars... investors just aren't biting anymore because so many stories are alike.

This Merger between PPG.V and SSH.V is a perfect example of how the market will naturally correct itself over the next couple years (in my opinion).

You have proven, successful management in Adrian Fleming (who discovered the white gold district as CEO of Underworld Resources, which got bought out by Kinross) and you have a new gold discovery on Prosperity's Kiyuk property that needs "to further define and expand upon the three discoveries made in 2011" quoted from their recent news release

Why is now a great time to be involved with this company??

1) Expecting Drill results from this spring season's drilling on the KIYUK property. They even said in their news release that the results will be out before the end of April!!

2) over $5m cash leaves them well positioned for an extensive exploration program

3) Steady news flow and results is expected throughout the summer on both the Kiyuk property and SSH's original Whiskey property

Time will tell how this story unfolds... I will update everyone as we get closer to drill results!

Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

As always, please refer to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, and always do your own research!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

MVW hits 607 boe/d on their well - Mountainview Energy

Mountainview's Olson 1-21 well produces 607 boe/d!!

We've all been waiting a lonngggggggg time to hear some REAL news from MVW. Well here it is!!

View the Full Release Here

Definitely a step in the right direction. 

Company also released an updated Corporate Presentation which shows some very positive upside potential for 2012.

Here's one of the slides:

To view the full presentation CLICK HERE and then click "Presentation" under the "Investors" tab

Stock has been heating up. Closed at $0.485 on 192,450 volume... It hit a high of $0.57 intraday on Friday so it's definitely showing signs of movement. Keep an eye and do your research!

Remember to always read my disclaimer at the bottom of the page! Happy Trading!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NEWS RELEASE: EDW - Edgewater Exploration PEA study - $200m+ NPV

Hey everyone!!

Our darling stock (EDW.V) - put out their much anticipated PEA (preliminary Economic Study) today:


recent pps: $0.62 - view quote here

Here are the summary "Base Case Highlights" - View the full release above

Base Case Highlights

Average Annual Gold Production102,000 /oz
Average Annual Net Revenue (US$)60.0 Million
Life of mine Net Present Value (NPV)(US$)(5%)206 Million
Pre-Tax Internal Rate of Return (IRR)24%
Pre-Tax Payback (years)3.4
Initial Open pit and underground Capital Cost (US$)135 Million
Average Annual Cost (US$/oz)713
Combined open pit and underground operation9.9 year mine life

Why I like this company and Management so much:

1) They've only had this property for 1 year.

2) They bought the property for $8,000,000 and it had 300,000 oz of Gold

3) NOW IT HAS: 1,500,000 oz of Gold and a Net Present Value of over $200,000,000

4) There's still ridiculous upside since I didn't even mention their Enchi property or the fact that they still have 4 drills turning to keep transferring inferred into measured and indicated categories.

The Market... 

Stock is still at $0.62 and trading at a Market Cap of only $40,000,000+... so in my opinion it's still VERY UNDERVALUED.

Happy trading and remember to always do your own due diligence and refer to my disclaimer at the bottom!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

EDW up over 40% already! congrats...

My profile from last week, EDW - Edgewater Exploration has been performing stunningly!

hit a high of $0.74 yesterday representing an increase of 48% from the $0.50 level that I profiled it at.

We're seeing some profit taking today (and rightly so)... stock is back in the $0.63-67 range.

In my opinion, this thing is just getting started... pleeeease research this company:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NEW PICK! Edgewater Exploration (TSX.V - EDW) - Can you say UNDERVALUED??

I've been following Edgewater Exploration (TSX.V - EDW) for a while now and have been absolutely astonished by how low the stock has traded recently - $0.50 close today, down 60% from its year high of $1.40

View Stock info here

Why I like this deal:

1) $10,000,000 in cash

2) Resource Estimated M&I 325,000 oz of Gold and 1,149,000 Inferred*  View Fact Sheet

3) Blue sky potential from Ghana property, with Kinross as a large player in the area already having a sizeable investment in EDW - View Detail

4) Drill program under way with results expected soon

5) Only approx 62,000,000 Net Shares Outstanding giving this a Market Cap of only $33million?!?

So with all this Cash, Resource and Blue sky upside, you'd expect this deal to be trading $1.00+ right?? WRONG...

In my opinion, this company is poised to be discovered by the masses at any point, and has all the makings of a huge winner.

As always, please do your own research, read my disclaimer at the bottom on the page, and let me know what you think!!!

Happy trading

Friday, September 9, 2011

REPCF - Replicel Life Sciences Inc - NEW PICK!

Hi everyone,

REPCF - Replicel Life Sciences Inc is a company I've been watching for some time.

They're developing a CELL-BASED solution for HAIR LOSS... Can you say massive industry???

View website:

Price: $2.50

 I/O: 40,000,000+

MC: $100,000,000+

RECENT NEWS: RepliCel Injects Final Patient with Hair Follicle Cells in its First-In-Man Clinical Trial TS001-2009

AUDIO INTERVIEW: RepliCel Life Sciences President and CEO David Hall (former Angiotech CFO) interviewed on The Bald Truth

Market notes: Company has been slowly creeping up over the past several months on light volume. seems to be very thin on the upside. This type of company, in this industry, has the tendency to jump really fast if they come out with some positive news. I've been waiting to talk about this company until they announced completion of their trials... time is now. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

ps. refer to my disclaimer at bottom of page!

Monday, July 25, 2011

(TSX.V - MVW) - Hits high of $0.68 today - Gaining momentum

Hey everyone,

Mountainview Energy - MVW hits $0.68 today. Huge volume (over 200,000)

Up 88% since I pretty much called the bottom on July 4th!!

Check their Facebook or Website for updates!!

Happy Trading!