Friday, September 24, 2010

(TSX.V: CPV) - 8 Drill Holes Finished so far. ALL of them abundant in disseminated, and semi-massive sulphides!

(TSX.V: CPV) - Copper Creek Gold Corp (Join the Facebook page & Suggest to your friends)

News Release:

Drilling has encountered zones abundant in disseminated, and semi-massive sulphides which have been observed in all holes drilled to date. (Sulphides are what contain the metals)


It means that they've found the anomaly that the technical data showed:

Assay results will determine how much Gold, Silver and Other metals are there. These results are due within the next few weeks.

Throughout history the biggest move in stock price for Gold companies comes when the discovery is first made. returns of 500-2000% are not uncommon because the stock goes from being a speculative play to having real value once a resource is defined.

CPV is almost a no risk play at the moment... They have a great property, did Technical Analysis to locate an anomaly, and have now drilled into that anomaly and confirmed the presence of Semi-Massive sulphides. The only thing left is to announce how much Gold, Silver they found.

Since that announcement may trigger an enormous jump in the stock price, now would be an ideal time to get in.

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