Sunday, February 27, 2011

BULLION MONARCH MINING (BULM) - Already a Huge WIN, but still set to explode!

Hi Everyone, back in May of 2009 I profiled BULM as an amazing, undervalued Gold company @ $0.32 (

It's currently trading at $1.08 up 237%... (But is it just getting started?)

A prominent newsletter writer, Wall Street Grand, has just written up BULM again!

Here is what he had to say:

"BULM is as close as it gets as a SURE THING.

BULM has been in business since 1948 and has a rich history of making some of the world's largest gold discoveries! BULM's CEO R. Don Morris pioneered the Carlin Gold Trend in Northeastern Nevada, the most prolific gold belt in theWestern Hemisphere. He was the first to establish commercial operations along the Carlin Trend and was responsible for bringing Newmont Mining (NEM) into the area.

His early work built the foundation that led to the production of 75 million ounces of gold, valued at over $105 billion at today's prices! It is estimated that about 100 million ounces of gold still remain in the ground at the Carlin Gold Trend!

BULM is one of the most OVERLOOKED and UNDERVALUED gold companies on Wall St!

BULM's strategy is to make major gold discoveries and then either convert their interests to royalties or sign joint venture agreements! This allows BULM to fully capitalize on their discoveries without needing to raise and risk the large amounts of capital necessary to bring their mines into production on their own!

BULM is a gold royalty company that just reported Friday afternoon the BEST quarter in the company's 63 year history! BULM reported record royalty revenue of $1,779,069 with net income of $753,822 USD, or $0.02 per share!

BULM's closest comparisons are Royal Gold, Inc. (RGLD) and Silver Wheaton Corp. (SLW), both previous picks of mine that are also precious metal royalty companies. RGLD is trading for 15 times sales! SLW is trading for 37 times sales!


BULM's revenues last quarter of $1,779,069 on an annualized basis are $7,116,726. If you value BULM with a price/sales ratio of between 15 and 37, BULM would deserve a market cap between $106,744,140 and $263,318,862.

With 38,504,093 shares outstanding, that would equal a share price between $2.77 and $6.83 per share, and that's not including the value of all of BULM's other assets!

Think about the upside potential from the current PPS of only $1.08! We expect March to be a BREAKOUT month for the stock and we could potentially never see BULM at these levels again!
Remember, we said this aboiut GPR when it was $0.89 and after it rallied it never looked back!
BULM is currently receiving royalties from NEM, another previous pick of mine and one of the largest gold/silver miners in the world! BULM is receiving a 1% GSR royalty from NEM's Leeville Mine, which has one of the greatest concentrations of high grade gold at 0.43 ounces of gold per ton. It is currently producing around 500,000 ounces of gold per year!

Leeville is expected to have a mine life of 10 years and NEM has been exploring and making major discoveries at the surrounding North Lantern, Four Corners, and Turf mines! These surrounding mines are also covered by BULM's 1% GSR royalty and they have the potential to greatly expand BULM's royalty streams if they enter into production!

BULM has another 3% royalty on NEM's Maggie Creek Property, which is not yet in production, but is adjacent to NEM’s Gold Quarry mine, which is NEM's largest open pit operation! If NEM ever brings Maggie Creek into production, which is very possible considering rapidly rising gold prices, BULM's future royalty revenue growth could be astronomical!

Again, I believe BULM's 1% royalty on NEM's Leeville Mine is worth between $2.77 and $6.83 per share ALONE andBULM's 3% royalty on NEM's Maggie Creek Property is probably worth AT LEAST another $1 per share!

What better company to have royalties coming in from then NEM, one of the largest billion dollar gold miners on Wall Street! This is the REAL DEAL!

However, BULM has another totally separate business that has nothing to do with gold that I believe could be worth MUCH MORE than BULM's current market cap! As you probably know, oil this week broke $100 per barrel for the first time since 2008! In fact, oil briefly broke $103 per barrel this week!

BULM owns 80% of a company called EnShale, which is engaged in various activities associated with the development of technology for the extraction of oil from oil shale deposits! Through EnShale, BULM has developed the technology to extract the oil content from oil shale on a commercially reasonable and economically beneficial basis!

BULM's EnShale could literally change the world! I believe BULM, because of their 80% ownership of EnShale, could soon become one of the BIGGEST plays in the oil shale industry! Presently, I believe EnShale is receiving almost no valuation at all! But like I said, I believe EnShale is probably worth much more than $1.08 per share on its own!

Libya just cut their oil production by 75% and could soon shut it down completely. The U.S. is currently dependent on Arab and Asian countries to produce the overwhelming majority of the oil we consume. However, EnShale could help the U.S. become energy independent!

Almost nobody knows this but... the largest deposit of oil in the world is contained within the U.S. in the states of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado, in the form of oil shale! Oil stocks have been EXPLODING in recent days and I believeoil shale technology plays have the GREATEST upside potential!

The U.S. controls over 80% of the world's 2 trillion barrels plus of oil shale! In fact, when you factor in shale, Utah alone contains more oil than Saudi Arabia! BULM has secured 4,650 acres of State of Utah School Trust Land leases that have been estimated to contain a 667 million barrel oil resource! BULM is currently negotiating for the rights to additional shale deposits!

BULM has shown that they can produce oil from shale at a cost of approximately $30 per barrel or less! BULM has already developed a demonstration plant for EnShale, which proves that their technology works and could lead to BULMsoon building a commercial size plant where the company could produce their own oil from shale that gets sold throughout the U.S. and all around the world! BULM could revolutionize the global energy economy!

We will have more on BULM today and tomorrow! Don't MISS OUT!

This could go down as our biggest winner in HISTORY and everyone still has a chance to get in at the ground floor!!!!!" - Wall Street Grand (

I couldn't have said it better myself! The next few weeks and months could be very interesting for BULM!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

(TSX.V: MVW) Mountainview Energy RESUMES TRADING Fri Feb 17th, 2011

(TSX.V: MVW) Mountainview Energy, a company I highlighted back in December is finally back trading tomorrow (Feb 18th, 2011 @ 9:30am EST)! It's been halted at $0.55... but momentum has been building and anything under $1.00 could be a steal.

They've just completed a Reverse take-over, acquisition & approx $4,725,000 Financing

View News Release and Updates:

This will leave MVW with a very impressive land holding right in the "HOT-ZONE" of the Alberta/Bakken and Wiliston Basin. They're already profitable with their existing wells.

Current Holdings:

Land - 85,000 net acres of Three Forks/Bakken and Alberta Bakken
Share Listing -TSX Venture Exchange “MVW.V”
Shares Outstanding - 9.7 million basic shares
Financing & Acquisitions - 21 million
Post Transaction - 69 million outstanding
Convertible Debenture - $1.15 million convertible at $.28
Inside Ownership - 80%- *closely held*
Debt - None
Working Capital - Approx $ 1 million
Production - 130-150 BOPD
*info taken from Corporate presentation found on website:

How to value their present holdings:

Land: Comparable Land is valued between $500-1,500 per acre... so $42,500,000 - $127,500,000
Production: EPS $0.055 (Conservative multiple of 15 = $0.87
Conclusion: $.80 - 1.50 would be a fair valuation for the stock with what they currently have

Game plan moving forward:

2011 Capital Program: Drilling: 4 verticals, 6 Horizontals, 10 work-overs and re-completions
Stateline Project: $22 million
AB Bakken: $2.4 million
Red Creek: $2.3 million
Other Projects: $1.0 million
Maintenance Production: $200,000
Total Capital: $ 27.9 million
Debt: 0
Exit 2011 Production: 1500 boe/d
At $.32/share: $252/acre
Competitors: $6050/acre adjusted for cash and production



At the current price of $0.55 there's room to move up 45-170% just based on what they currently have. If they successfully roll out their 2011 strategy, we could see this above $3-5.00, which would mean massive overall gains!! Predicated on the acquisition of additional wiliston basin property & a drilling program that involves joint ventures & company operated wells