Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TECM - Being Promoted by Lebed.biz

TECM - TechMedia Advertising


Lebed.biz is famous for finding those diamond in the rough companies. He doesn't release many picks, but when he does they seem to always turn out great.

Here's his write up about TECM (sent after market on monday April 13th):

"As you know, India is my favorite emerging market besides China. Although I am not an investment advisor, in my opinion... investors should now have about 50% of their portfolio in gold/silver stocks and the other 50% in China/India stocks, if they want to protect themselves from the hyperinflationary crisis that is ahead.
My latest India stock-to-watch Rediff.com India Ltd. (REDF) closed today at $2.70 up 18% from my profile on March 31st at $2.29. I gave REDF a speculative rating of 2, my second highest level of confidence!
Take a look now at TechMedia Advertising (TECM), currently $2.25. It's a lot more risky and speculative than REDF but could also have huge potential. While REDF generates revenue by selling advertising on their highly trafficked Indian web site, TECM plans to generate revenue by selling digital advertising on buses in India!
TECM is bringing one of the world's fastest growing advertising mediums to one of the world's fastest growing consumer markets!
TECM has a joint venture with Peacock Media Ltd. (PML), an India corporation, to operate the business of displaying mobile digital advertising platforms in public transportation vehicles such as long-distance buses and trains in India. The newly-fitted buses and trains will display third party commercial contents and advertisements for a fee.
TECM owns 85% of the joint venture company in India with PML owning the other 15%. As part of the deal, PML has assigned to the joint venture company the exclusive rights to use the license to operate the business on 10,392 long distance buses within the Tamil Nadu State, where PML has a 5 year exclusive license.
Tamil Nadu is located on India's southern tip and is about the size of Greece (in geographic area) with an estimated population of 66 million. It is India's most urbanized state, ranking third in foreign direct investment and second in software exports by value.
TECM has now installed their digital streaming platform on a total of 4,508 long-distance buses operating from bus depots from 6 regions, namely SETC, Vilippuram, Kumbakonam, Salem, Coimbatore and Madurai. There are now on average of 360,000 passengers who are enjoying these new services including infotainment and advertisement messages, on a daily basis!
TECM recently announced that PML has received an order worth 60 million rupee or approximately $1.36 million for prime advertisement slots in the fleet of long distance buses operated by the joint venture company!
Please keep in mind that TECM is so new that the stock barely has any trading history. This makes it very risky and speculative. TECM could become a huge winner as they roll out in new buses and sign more advertising deals, but don't invest what you can't afford to lose.
Start researching TECM right away by checking out their web site: http://www.techmediaadvertising.com/

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