Sunday, April 18, 2010

BGBR - Could be a bounce play!

I'm sure by now you probably heard the story about Goldman Sachs, and how it fell off a cliff on Friday, those who were fast enough and caught the bottom, easily made a few easy points!!

It is this very reason I want you to research and watch BGBR carefully. It looks like it's starting to bounce after a hard hit last week.

This may also be the 3rd wave in a Fibonacci pattern which is considered the longest wave!!

Gold prices have been breaking records for the past 2 years. This kind of bull run hasn't been seen since the 1970s!

Many analysts are saying gold will hit $2000 next year!

Cramer already has predicted gold would hit $1600 an oz.

Gold is by far the most popular precious gem and investors buy it like crazy as an insurance policy in their portfolio.

It is considered a safe haven when the dollar is weak. The long term trend for gold is extremely favorable as analysts predict gold will stay over $1000 all year!

BGBR could become a monster as they focus on their goal of building the Company into an international, multi-commodity exploration company!

BGBR's location interest could separate them from a lot of competition as it is known as a very prolific area.

These are some of the most prolific gold producing regions in the entire country.

United States - Carlin Gold Trend

South Africa - Witwatersrand District

Canada - Red Lake Gold Mining District in northwestern Ontario

BGBR has entered into an option agreement with well know prospector Perry English for a 100% interest in the Skinner and Shabu Lake properties located in the prolific Red Lake Mining Division of Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

As per terms of the agreement BGBR shall be required to make a total cash payment of $200k in order to acquire the 100% interest.

This is an area that is home to Goldcorp's Red Lake Mine, one of the richest, lowest cost production mines in the world!

Since the mid-1960's The Red Lake District has yielded over 30-million ounces of gold worth over $20 billion at today's prices!

Last week BGBR announced the acquisition of a new group of claims in the Birch/Uchi portion of the Red Lake Mining Division.

The group of claims are located in Honeywell and McNaughton Township and comprise 9 claims for a total of 4,104 acres.

At the beginning of this month BGBR released huge news that they entered into a share financing agreement for up to $1.4 million!

A financing agreement of this size is serious business. It shows just how much faith BGBR has earned!

BGBR President Steve Rix commented, "We are very pleased to have closed this equity financing agreement which will allow us to fund the implementation of our operations and acquisitions strategy."

"We see this as significant step in infusing seed capital to help propel our strategic initiatives. We are committed to providing Big Bear with the resources necessary to provide favorable outcomes for our share holders," Rix further commented.

Following a model frequently used by Oil & Gas companies, BGBR management hopes to acquire small producing gold mines, small past producing mines or small projects they deem to be near production.

BGBR would then seek out direct participation investment from outside investors.

BGBR has incorporated a wholly owned Gold Exploration subsidiary "Golden Bear Mining Corp."

BGBR's incorporation of its wholly owned gold exploration subsidiary, Golden Bear Mining is its first step to establish a presence in the exploration and mining of gold.

BGBR President Steve Rix stated, "With the uncertainty of other currencies in the market place, gold continues to be an attractive option to investors and we are moving swiftly through the launch of Golden Bear to identify and tap into a high quality gold exploration property. We will act decisively and in the best interest of our shareholders to accomplish this."

On March 16th of this year, BGBR launched a diversified energy and metals exploration program focused on identifying and exploring strategic high value properties and developing new prospective projects throughout the United States.

BGBR's plan includes establishing wholly owned corporate identities in multiple strategic minerals and high value commodity projects. Management will initially focus on gold projects.

"We are dedicated in our exploration for the discovery of America's next producing gold mine," stated Steve Rix, President of BGBR.

Mr. Steve Rix has 25 years of business experience and has participated in multiple start-up firms!

More information on BGBR is available at their website: Always do your own research and consult with your own financial professional.

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