Friday, March 18, 2011

$2.64?!??!!! $MVW - Mountainview Energy is up over 370%

Wow.. this company is outperforming even my expectations this early on!

The word is starting to spread and people are getting the idea that this company is here for the long term and committed to establishing itself as one of the big players in the Alberta Bakken / Wiliston Basin area.

They've laid down the proper foundation to make this happen, all we need now is to see them start to put their 2011 game plan into action.

My original analysis valued their current holdings between $1.00 - $1.70. I stand by these numbers until we see SOMETHING from the company.

I still think there's potential for this company to become the darling story of 2011, but one step at a time OK?!


  1. SG,

    Do you have an opinion on Guardian Exploration (GX:CVE)?


  2. Hi Stefan,

    Thank you for your question.

    I've taken a look at GX (well at least at what little information there is available) and I do see the similarities between it and MVW.

    If they intend of acquiring more bakken land and have the capabilities to actually drill it out, this could be a nice play as well.

    The capital structure is decent and leaves room for growth which is a good sign.

    What I still can't figure out is who is behind this deal, where's the support going to come from, do they have the experience/ability to do a $20-30M drill program?

    I find the companies website to be atrocious (sorry, but now a days info is power and for some reason they're keeping their info to themselves) If you are connected with the company in any way, I strongly recommend that you refer them to - Their Shareholder Relations Platform, Website upgrades & Marketing strategy might be exactly what these guys need. MVW is also using Viral Network.

    What are your thoughts about the deal?